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You switch on your radio and from the loudspeaker sounds only “zzzzzzzzzzz”, what is the cause?

  • A – there’s a snake inside your radio
  • B – you’ve forgotten to connect the antenna to your radio, dude
  • C – not any propagation on the 11mtrs

What can I do?

Switch off the radio and have a quiet day, or check where the propagation is, on the web.

  • A – have a look into the DX-cluster
  • B – check the worldwide WebSDR

Below you will find some SDR server which covering the 11m-band also, entire or partial.
Please note that not all working 24/7, so please try it later if the website is not available.
If you know some more WebSDR please let me know.

WebSDR/OpenWebRX/KiwiSDR systems

   QTH                                                         Locator            Frequency (11m)          Antenna                                                          URL

latest update: 30.05.2024