Private Radio


worked activations without direct confirmation

After more than three decades of DX activity on the 11m band, my priority is no longer to receive confirmation of a QSO as a paper QSL. On the one hand, the space in the scrapbooks is running out and on the other hand, the contributions have also increased considerably in recent years. While these used to cover postage costs, some QSL managers now want to finance more than that, with the original purpose of the hobby having given way to commerce. I can no longer afford this financially, especially as the postal service is becoming increasingly unreliable and many letters are getting lost. So I only use the option of requesting a paper QSL for confirmation in very special cases. First and foremost, I prefer the free and secure shipping method of eQSL.

In the following I present a few selected QSLs of my worked activations, for which I did not send QSLs or which I never received, for whatever reason.